Armortek Institutional Stainless Steel Components




Campbell River Metal Fabricators in Campbell River, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada also produces a line of institutional stainless steel components called Armortek for the medical, bio-pharmaceutical, chemical and food services industries. All work completed by journeyman certified sheet metal mechanics.


Armortek Stainless Steel


Available Canada-wide, Armortek was created in 1963 in order to supply the medical and food service industry with stainless steel components that don’t harbour bacteria. Armortek Institutional Stainless Steel Components are designed to be used by hospitals, medical food services, health clinics, care homes, pharmaceutical laboratories and veterinary hospitals. 


Armortek can also supply custom designed stainless steel components for residential kitchens, wineries, breweries and distillers and the aquaculture industry. Armortek is the answer anywhere stainless steel kitchen, hospital and clinic components are a necessity. Campbell River Metal Fabricators will create custom components to suit your space and your requirements. Contact Us today.